Steve Anness, KJ5T

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PO Box 9493 
Austin, TX 78766 
Travis County USA 

WWYC #617
SKCC #22288
Life Member ARRL
Austin Amateur Radio Club
Yegua Valley Contest Club (N5YV) 
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club (AOCC) 

Welcome to the new! I wanted to create a place to share what I was doing with the hobby and perhaps brush up on my Linux skills. Hosting this site on Apache the old school way on CentOS 8. I may eventually dive into the modern day approach of Docker and Nginx.

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since June 2001. I credit my dad, KB5RXA/WZ5M (SK) for my interest in amateur radio. My dad was a major guide for me in working my way towards getting my Extra class license and I will never forget the very fact that I may not be in the hobby if it wasn't for his assistance.

My primary interest with amateur radio is HF contesting, over the years I have had the opportunity to guest operate from some wonderful stations: The old AB5K Station, K5NA, NR5M, both of NX5M's stations, K8IA, and DL1A.

I greatly appreciate Bob, NX5M and Colin, KU5B for being my contest elmers and inviting me out and showing the contesting ropes over the years. My main interest is SSB and RTTY contesting, some of my favorite contests over the years have been the ARRL 10, NAQP's, and WPX.

Outside of the contest operating I do a fair amount of the JT modes from my apartment using an end fed wire antenna and an Elecraft KX2. Slowly adding CW into the mix too. I also recently have been involved in some VHF/UHF work on FT8 and Sideband using some borrowed antennas on the balcony (horizontal loops on 6, 2 and 70cm, an 11 element M2 Yagi on 70cm). I am hoping to add more VHF/UHF contesting to my mix in the near future.

73 de KJ5T


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