2012 CQ WPX SSB @ NX5M

Class: M/M HP
Operating time: 48

Band QSOs
160: 120
80: 511
40: 1449
20: 2193
15: 2106
10: 635
Total: 7014 Prefixes = 1464
Total Score = 20,910,312

Another great CQ WPX SSB contest. In 2011 we operated this one from NX5M with Four operators and ended up with 17 million points so we decided to try it again this year and get a few more operators and see what we could do. We ended up with nearly 21 million points which was a great result. I spent most of my time on 15 meters but also helped out on 20, 10, and a little bit of 80 meters. 10 meters wasn’t nearly as hot as we had hoped but we did exceed the 2011 numbers. 15 was awesome along with 20 meters and 40 meters. We also exceeded our goals on 80 but was short on out 160 goals.

It was a pleasure to operate with some operators that I had not operated with in the past and also get the chance to operate with a couple of guys whom I had not operated with in quite some time. As always the food was good, Saturday Bob picked up a large BBQ meal consisting of Brisket, Sausage, and Potatoes. The usual Pizza on Sunday and plenty of Dr. Pepper to help keep my fueled.

Probably the highlight of the contest was actually when I was sitting on 10 meters Saturday morning around 10AM CDT and I worked a JA6, I went on to work Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong all on 10 meters that late in the morning. I worked South Africa pretty much all day both days on 10 meters. There is certainly some life coming back on 10 meters. I can’t wait till the band is good enough that I can work the JA’s and Southest Asia on 10 meters with my dipole and 20 meters portable. We will see what Cycle 24 has to offer.

The beginning of the contest was very exhilarating working a whopping 481 contacts in first hour, the second hour dropped down but was still an impressive 369 contacts. The team did great and based on the claimed results we are number one in the United States and number 7 in the world with our score. This is a major accomplishment from Texas considering we don’t have the same advantage to the west as the West Coast guys or to Europe as the East Coast guys. We can work South America all day on 10 which helps but the real points is running JA’s and Europe like the coastal stations can do. Without revealing secrets our key is the great team leaders (NX5M and KU5B) whom while may give me a hard time for my loud voice and my love of a solid sleep have helped build our team into being extremely competitive.

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