2012 ARRL DX Phone @ NR5M

This was my second time visiting NR5M, last time I was there was for the CQWW DX Phone contest in 2009. I arrived a little late as I left the office later than I wanted and I had a lot of traffic to get through on my way out of Austin. I enjoyed getting to work a few DX stations from the mobile on the way there. I arrived at around 8PM, the gate was closed and I had forgotten the gate code since I had not had it since 2009. I pressed the call button on the gate… waited…. waited I pressed it again waited some more. Tried one more time with no luck. So I decided to see if I could find where they were on 20 meters, I called them from the mobile and they opened the gate. I got in and shortly after I got settled I took over on the 20 meter station. I operated the 20 meter station from around 8:30 until 6AM when I decided I should get a few hours of sleep. The most exciting station I think that I worked was a VU2 who was running 100 watts, he was weak and when he first started calling I thought a VE2 was calling which of course wouldn’t count for any points though when I finally heard the VU I confirmed that it was India and logged it. I am not sure if I have worked a VU station from a contest station before, I know we have worked them before in previous operations that I have done but not sure I ever was the op who made the contact.

I slept from 6 till about 10AM and than got up and enjoyed the great breakfast of Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Biscuits (this is Texas after all) with a nice tall coffee. I operated on and off during the day while getting the chance to sit down with W0UN and listen to him share the stories from his very interesting radio experiences over the years. I spent some time taking pictures of both the operators and the antennas, I had previously taken photos of the antennas but when I was there before I was using a different lens so I wanted to see what my 28mm lens would do for the antenna shots. I later operated for a couple of hours on 20 before dinner, sometime after dinner I hopped on 75 meters for a bit and than we switched 75 meter operators and I spent some time catching up with KU5B and NX5M who came out to visit and operate a little bit on Saturday afternoon. These are the guys that gave me my start in serious multi-operation contesting and I have operated from their station numerous times.

Later that evening I hopped back on 75 meters till about 4AM, worked a number of JA stations but other than that 75 was pretty dead. At 4AM I decided to go crash again, I ended up crashing hard and sleeping till 12:30PM. After getting up I took over on 15 for a couple of hours, we had a pretty decent EU run on 15 before we traded operators again. I didn’t operate again till I got on 20 for the last hour and a half of the contest. There was an XU7 at the end of the very end of the contest but I wasn’t able to work him. Overall very exciting contest and we did pretty a pretty good job with over 5.8 million points claimed.

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