2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes SSB SOHP Unlimited KJ5T(@NX5M/KU5B)

I had the pleasure to once again be invited to single op this contest from the KU5B/NX5M contest station in Somerville, TX.  Probably learned the most during this contest about the improvements I need to make in my strategy.  While my 1500 Q’s is the most I have ever had in a single operator effort it was 500 Q’s short of my goal of 2000.  This I believe was due to some poor choices in switching bands, or example I started on 10 but should have gone to 15 when the rate dropped.  I should have gone from 15 to 20 instead of getting on 40 when I did as I believe had I found a good spot on 20 I could have had some good rate.


160     0   0    0       0
80   150   1    4     300
40   210   0    6     420
20   652   6    7    1304
15   282   2   18     564
10   227   2   45     454
TOTAL  1521  11   80    3042
TOTAL SCORE : 243 360

It was a very fun contest but the bottom line is I have a lot to learn about strategy and how to maximize rate.  I was roughly 20 Q’s per hour short of my goal, had I made better choices rather than to call CQ when I wasn’t producing I could have gotten my goal.   My other issue is that if I am using the cluster in the unlimited category than I need to take advantage of that,  I think most of the contest I was too focused on calling CQ and not focused enough on picking up stations though the band.  A solid mixture of S&P and calling would have yielded better results.  I am looking forward to trying my hand out in 2012 and hoping to compete with the pro’s, in the meantime, I will work on strategy and be happy that I got sweeps.


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