I want to preface this story by stating that not all radio amateurs smoke crack or have mental disorders.  On Monday I made my twice weekly visit down to the post office, generally there I find a NetFlix DVD, bills, junk mail and the occasional QSL card.  This week there was something different, an envelope.  It was addressed to me with my ham radio callsign, at first I thought a stack of cards but after opening it and seeing the Dilbert Cartoon I thought maybe it had something to do with morse code since I had posted on QRZ.com that I was looking to re-learn the code.  Upon further inspection I found out that what was in the envelope really made no sense and after Googling a bit I see I am not the only ham to get this very strange piece of mail.

Inside was a couple of CDs containing what appear to be an assortment of random pictures and some videos that I didn’t want to spend any time watching.  There was a couple of executable files that I didn’t dare run on my system and many random text files.  I suppose I will save the CDs and use them as a decoration as they have the pretty little stars on them.  There was a strange picture of Kirk, Bones, and Spock on the back of the Dilbert comic  Spock is holding a book that says “Eugenics: A Slow Kill” and Kirk has what appears to be a phaser.  Bones is holding a bag labeled “Chemo” and front of him is a vile of “H1N1″.

Probably the most interesting part is the wording “In 2012 [you can see where the author has written over the words “by 2010″] the US and world economy will be completely destroyed, and the (PTB) Powers_The_be will crate the North American Union, NAU.  The NAU will be merged with the European Union, African Union, and Asia-Pacific Union to create World Government, a police-state USSR (New World Order).  In this world-wide Emergency, surely HAM_Radio people can use a few days of their time to learn and teach the easy, grammar-coded, world-language of “HAM_Esperanto”.  There is no better, yet peaceful way to: (1) Wake-Up, (2) Wake-up others, (3) Think for yourself, (4) Strive for a free and better world for your children, (5) Fight for your rights – with dicipline and morals, and (6) Resist Tyranny.”

It goes on but I didn’t want to bore you all.  This is by far the most strange thing I have ever been mailed, it was like Mel Gibson in the movie “Conspiracy Theory” mated an idea with Alex Jones and than someone took that idea and indulged in a fair amount of acid and decided to make up some new language.  I surely hope that there was somee joke here or perhaps that this is something tongue-in-cheek that I am just not smart enough to understand.

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