2011 August NAQP SSB @ NX5M

The 2011 August NAQP SSB contest has come and gone.  This was my first August NAQP since 2009 and Bob, NX5M and Colin KU5B were generous enough to invite me out to participate in their Mutli-Two operation.  This is one of my favorite contests, it is only 12 hours long which means strategy is very important to the scoring to make as many points as possible in the limited time.  If my calculations are correct this was my 10th contest at the NX5M station in Somerville, TX since 2007.

The day started with lunch at Mama’s Kitchen, an NX5M contest crew favorite for good home cooking in Somerville.  Generally our lunch consists of fine cooking and planning for the contest.  The operations began on schedule with us on 20 and 15 meters.  The pile-ups started strong and within in the first hour we had already beaten the previous year’s multiplier count on 15 meters.  15 proved to be a good band but after it faded out we made a quick jump to 10 meters where we worked a few stations for a chance to get a couple of 10 meter multipliers.

The early evening hours brought a move to 40 meters which was a very noisy band Saturday night, jam packed with contesters, rag-chewers and of course the eventual AM broadcast we kept a pretty good rate on 40 but didn’t make as many contacts on that band as the previous year.  We made up for it with 80 meters though which started strong quickly working many multipliers.  Our short stint on 160 earned us 19 contacts and 17 multipliers (gotta love that ratio).

The key to success at NX5M is the beverages on the low bands, we can hear stations calling on 160 that many other stations never do hear.  Bob did run into some issues with one of his beverages and a broken headset but that didn’t hold him back and he did far more on 160 than expected.  We ended the contest with a few beers and the next day were delighted to discover that we have claimed the high score for the 2011 NAQP SSB contest in the multi-single category.

Thanks to Bob/NX5M, Mike/N5XJ, and Colin/KU5B for a wonderful contest and we will look forward to January when we do NAQP again for what is generally a very different contest band wise but once again just as fun.

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